Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A good deed keeps one happy.

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Here you go...
Mingyu's friend, Shuting ; Jeslyn.

It is so nice to stay so near to your Bf.
Cus we can meet up as & when we want to, even if its just for half an hour.

-unbelievably real-

William sms-ed me from Australia.
I don't dare to reply as i have no idea how much each sms will cost ~

While waiting for bus to school this morning,
A middle-aged lady approached me.

Lady : Girl, What bus are you taking?
ME : Err. Why?
Lady : Can you help me to look after this guy?
*Points to a man who cant see*
( Shall not address him as "blind" man cause its kinda rude )
My husband is waiting for bus "xxx"
Can you help him board the bus & bring him to a seat?
Me : Sure, I'll do it. ^^
Lady left.

So i had to bring him up the bus & find a seat for him.
I was reminded that.... I am a nurse ! :D
I hate to admit, But i cant deny.
I miss Nursing, both school & attachment. :(

2 test down.
Another 2 next week !
I have no holidays at all. :(

I'm so gonna save upppp !
For a new digi cam :D

根本不用清醒 这个恶作剧