Sunday, April 01, 2007

Not saying anything does not mean I don't mind

Mood : Tired


-Yesterday ; 3o.o3.o7-
Insufficient sleep for the past few days.
I can't believe that I'm so blurrrr ~
Cus I took the wrong bus to school. :X
I hate public transport.
I hate to wait for cab.
I need my chauffeur back badly.

School > OUT > Home > OUT with Dear > Home

After we got home, we went to walk Raven to the park.
Dear cycled home (:

As for today ~
Was forced to wake upa t 8am by my dad.
hur hurrrrrr.
Went to eat breakfast before gathering up with my other relatives.

Lunch @ WM with 2 of my cousins.
Went back to the ______ to slack, crap & joke.
I hate taking care of kids !
Especially my little girl, so so so tedious can !

Supposed to visit Malaysia for a 1-day shopping n eating.
But but but.......
We're all so tired today.
Doubt my dad will drive us in.
So maybe next week ~

Stupid NANA called me & told me that she might not be able to make it on the 5th of april anymore.
To think that we have already planned it since 1st march ~
But oh well ~ Can't be help.
Blame NUH !
But nothing is confirm yet.
Cus she need to wait for her incharge to tell her her shift.

I didn't get to see my 100plus today :(