Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A rainbow will automatically appear after every rain

In order to see the rainbow, Firstly, You'll have to learn to endure some rain.

I think i look sickly.
Stupid scorching sun.
Bad bad headache.
Please please drink plenty of water, everyone (friends, foe or passerby).
You'll get sick easily living under this kind of weather !
Take goooooooood care.

We're the retired Missys of wada wada hospital.

Skipped the first lesson as i couldnt wake up on time.
Got called into the office & had a talk wiv the consultant.
(Cus i skip 2 to 3 lessons WEEKLY)
He used the word " begged ".
He begged me to stop skipping lessons.
Weird consultant.
Got no choice but to give him my word & stop skipping lesson.
No assurance but I'll try my best not to.
For his & for my own good.

Hold me tight & nvr let go..