Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You're so addictive !

I don't feel gooooooood.
Vomited twice @ home when dearest was around.
* pukes pukes pukes *
Probably it's the sun's fault !
But most likely its indigestion.
I feel SICK.

Lunch was Kobayashi with Chawanmushi ((:
Supposed to eat Suki Sushi with Derek &friends but it was cancelled as Dear din want to go.

Caught " The Haunted School ".
Not too bad but I hate the ending.
I prefer shows which ends with a happy ending just like the ending in fairytales.
Very immature of me to think about things this way right?
(I am sure that most people prefer gd endings compared to bad endings!)
Cus there's nothing perfect in this world. Flaws, flaws & flaws~
That's why it is better for me to dream instead of facing the reality.

I'm waiting for to reach hm, shower, online, call me & sing me to sleep !

An a day, keeps the doctor away.
But if the doctor is handsome, throw the away !