Monday, April 30, 2007

Affairs of the heart

I have 2 papers on Thurs :(

Tmr is a public holiday!!
Which also means no school tomorrow!!

My fringe is growing fast.

If you watched " Just Follow Law "
Do visit
Shes cool! Lol.

School > Meet Hunny at my place.

Wednesday is my dad's birthday.
We have already made a reservation at I-Dont-Know-Where.
(Because I'm not the one who made the reservation)

Because I didn't get any gift for him,
I'm going to give my dad a big bdae "red" packet :D
About half of a full-timer's pay.
Though the money is not alot to him, But it is the thought that counts!
I know he will be happy!

Afterwhich, I will be slightly broke compared to now :(

Sometime I find that "LOVE" is such a funny thing.
How can 1 be committed in her current relationship & allow a 3rd party to affect her?
If so, I guess its not true L.O.V.E

At the age of 19, Such things shouldn't be happening.
I thought such things will only happy between the age of 14 - 17.

How can 1 heart contain 2 love?
If it only contains 1, then don't give a damn about the 2nd one!
Why torture yourself because of this?

PS: I'm not refering to myself but I don't deny that I'm refering to someone.

Dear that friend of mine,
Trust your heart & you will be happier!


me,myself & I