Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flaws - More than you know

2nd blog @

Because I'm so so bored~
So I'm blogging my thoughts once & for all.
No more of these again I promise :D
If you find it offending, ahh, I think you should stop vising my blog,
Incase you thought that I'm refering to you.
Cause I'm refering to no one (:
It is all about my thoughts !
-cross my heart & tell no lies-

People oftens see other's flaws. But what about theirs? (:

In life, We meet all sorts of people, in sch, in work, & outside. Some can be really really nasty, mean, or nice. But they are just a passing cloud in your life. Who are they to judge? Who are YOU to comment? Before saying/judging others, how well enough do you know/understand the person for you to judge? Many a times in life, please think about " did you do it also? " before one goes barking around.

Secondly, I'm so happy about being childish. Cause I can be myself. (: I don't have to be like what some people out there are doing. Pretending. Sigh* Why do people pretend to be mature when they are not in the least at all? Or it is because they have no idea that they are childish too? Looks can be deciving! The outer shell may be mature yes, but their inner self totally behaves like a primary school kid.

Thirdly, I don't understand why some people like to poke their nose into other people's life. Lol. Seriously, they should get a life instead of kaypoh-ing here & there. Yupyup, I am one myself ! HAHA! Cause it is a MUST for me to visit Mingyu, Huiyan & Wendy's blog daily. I am this kaypoh u see. :D Well, at least I don't deny it and will never go round commenting on their personal life! I am this 38! HEHE! But Gossiping among girls is a part of a girl's life. Don't you just agree?

Lastly, Long bus journey home today. I sat in the bus thinking. How many friends do I have who really understands me. Who will be there to lend me their listening ear and shoulder? Not saying those who just say words with their mouth like " I will be there for you " but no actions seen ! You know....... I think, I have more than enough (: I know who will always be there for me and who never will. It is very hard to find friends who will REALLY be there for you. But I have them, and I don't need anymore. I'm loving them the way it is now, keep going & never end ~

LHY - True friend (:
TMY - My confidant, listening ear as well as gossipmate :D
GCS - Always there for me !
TJK - The one who truly understands me inside out.