Sunday, April 22, 2007

Updates & Quiz

I have just updated the pictures of my link under Connect to Me.

I know I've posted something similar before.
(Bout 4mths ago)
But some passerby abused it.
And this is slightly different from the previous 1 as it is from another website (:

I think You might need to login to do the quiz.
Therefore, You have to create an account :/
In this case, lesser people will do the quiz :(
But it takes less than 30second to sign up for an account!

No hints to anyone, including boyfriend! :D

PS: It is very very very tricky.

How well do u know me? (:

Strictly for friends only!!
Not for passerby(s), or readers.
Sorry, Hope ya can understand (:
I wanna see which friend know me best!
Thankyou (: