Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I need to lose some weight

WOW. I'm so surprised my long-time-no-contact friend Vonne scored 100!!
Miss Miss*

Only 20 friends did the quiz.
But more than 3/4 of them did it without the need of me asking.
loveloveloves :D

Esther rang me up yesterday & ask if I am interested in ________.
Good Gracious!
Who wouldn't be interested?!
But No-No because I don't have the guts to ________________.

I took the courage to step onto the weighing machine today.
WEEEEE~ Good news.
Though the difference from the last time i measured was veryyyyy little.
But it is better than gaining weight right?!
gEt wHaT i MeAn?
Maybe that machine is spoilt :(
But can't be right! Cause my height is accurate.
Ahhh. I hope its not spoilt.
Cause every 100g makes a difference.

Met Hunny after School.
Pulled him to weigh himself.
WEEEEE~ His weight increased !

Lunch at Botak Jones.
We didnt manage to finish our food because the serving is wayyy too big.
Made us feel like puking whenever we see food.

Went back to his place to rest.
Cycling & Jogging at the park during evening.
I'm not the one doing the jogging :D

Dental tomorrow.
Brrrrrrrrr brrr.
Luckily Hunny will be going with me (: