Friday, April 20, 2007

Eggs and more eggs

Like I said yesterday, Today is a good day (:
As well as a bad one.
I ate 3 meals.

Mac breakfast with Wendy after school.
Egg muffin ^^
Looonnngg time since I last ate Mac.

Went to Hunny's place after that.

Hunny cooked lunch for me at 3pm (:
That guy even wanted to steal my precious & yummy egg away.

His mum asked me to stay for dinner as she is preparing western meal today.
Dinner at nearly 8pm.
The table was spread with Salad, Cream of mussels soup,
Lemon fish fillets, Onion rings, Baked beans, Eggs,
Chickens, Sausages, Chicken & Bacon with crabmeat.

ohgosh ohgosh.

I'm so well fed today !
PS: All my 3 meals consist of eggs (:

Ahhh. This song is noisy.
Time to change song !
Either later or tmr..

I'm left with 84days.
I can't bear to let you go yet......