Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pretty pretty nails

Yesterday, I woke up at 9.11am by JiaPeng's sms.

Left home at 1030am to watch some friends play bball.

Kelvin> Liang> YaoZhong> Kelley> yQ.w> Derek> ChyeGuan> ChengWee> RenWei> JiaYao

Long time since I last saw Liang & clicks.

After their bball,
Hunny's Place > Botak Jones > Hereen

Manicure @ Hereen.
Love it so.
Adel's 3D manicure is also preeettyyy.

my pretty nails
Took this picture at the shop right away after it was done, before it was dry.

Adel's nails
Look at her 3D! Damn pretty can! But I feel that it is a little too red.

And this girl has seen a lot of pain.
But this girl gonna smile again she knows that a flower grows everytime it rain.
And this girl has got a lot of dreams.
She knows that tommorrow ain't what it seems.
She might not slove a mystery tonight.
But this girl gonna be alright.
Alright, shes gonna be alright.