Sunday, April 15, 2007

So happening!

*shakes head*

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On Wednesday, my bedtime song was " 我可以 by 蔡旻佑 "
Lovely song sang by Dear to coax me to sleep.

Wooooo. Went to 's place.
Fish & co. for lunch.

Went back to his place to slack.
Waited for him to shower & then back to my place to teevee awhile.
& my turn to shower ~

Met up with PKH and TMY after that.

Simple yet sweet day.

Friday & Saturday.

Tiring & happening day !
Pictures were taken but none will be post out.
Lesson till 2pm.
Went home to rest for awhile before going out to meet .
Bought ALL the food needed.

Upon reaching his place, his classmates called to say that they've reached and which is only around 5.20pm?!
They gave us couple tees as 's present.

The bang started at 9pm.
I didn't managed to eat any BBQ marshmellows :(
Cake cutting session at 11pm.
(Swensens Icecream cake from PKH, TMY, LHY & GCS)

Everything ended at 12MN.
We cabbed down to ChinatownPoint with the thought of booking a room in any hotel.
(YQ, me, MY, KH,CW, CG, JJ & Derek)
Sad to say, Almost every hotel was fully booked.

Strolled all the way from ChinatownPoint to Cine.
I swear my legs were damn sore.

Settled down in Cine's level 9.
Have no idea what is that place called,
but you can book a room with 2 computers & a big LCD teevee inside
to watch movie with a minium charge of $10/hr, exclusive of $6/dvd.
Personally, I think that it is a very nice place to slack with friends.
I wanna visit there again !

We watched " The Maid " at 4am in the morning.
Damn damn. I can't watch horror movies with my friends,
I was so scared that I even accidentally kicked Derek's arm.
(He was lying infront of me & Love)
And then Dear's head was on my shoulder,
(cause he fell asleep)
I was hugging him.
During those scary parts,
I got a shocked then woke him up accidentally a couple of times!!

It was nearly 6 when we took MRT back.
Fell asleep inside.
Alighted & parted with each other.
As for me, I went to 's place to sleep.
I slept in his room while he slept at his mum's room.
Woke up at 11plus.
Brushed my teeth & went back home.
Slept all the way till 4pm.

There goes my Saturday.
We're all too tired to go out today....

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