Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A simple one

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Sorry sorry, Blinkes tmr kaes?
(TT & YL)

Sweet day today (:

I am craving for aiport's popeyes !
Someone sedate my cravings please !

I'm planning to wear my __________ to sch tmr.
which is so OH-MY-GAWD !
But its okay, Its not like i'm wearing my nursing uniform there right?
Total disgrace if i really wear that to sch !

Lesson always ends early on Tues & Thurs.
I have nowhere to go tmr.
Cause Dear have got an important appointment till 6 in the evening.
I wonder how am I going to survive when he is in NS.

Dear : Later you run away with other guys how?

Silly guy worrying about nothing !
No one can predict the future.
Meanwhile, write TRUST with your heart.
Believe in it (:

Dental appointment on 25th April !
oh gosh oh gosh ~
My teeth feels numb at the thought of it.

Dear & my screen name in MSN (:

♥ Boyfriend of MAYBELINE SIM
♥ Girlfriend of WONG YU QIANG