Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your sweet day!

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Lovable day !
So like, I handmade 2 lovely things, 1 ___________, 1 letter & bought 1 lovely present.

Shall post pictures of them soon.
(that is if D. take pictures of them)

I went to put a letter into D.'s letterbox at 9pm yesterday, expecting his parents to check their letterbox today's morning. But at 11pm, D. told me he received my letter. Surprise. Plan failed. lol*

There was 1 more surprise but D. went to my room & search for his presents yesterday. Yeh, He found the handicraft i made. NiceNice. & I am very proud of them :D So, plan failed again. Mingyu was supposed to appear with my handicraft today. Aawww*

I skipped Bio today just to accompany D.
He fetched me after school.
Gave him the ___________ and the present I brought.

Because D. ate alooooooot of finger food, we postponed my treat for him at Fish&co. to tomorrow. We went to alooooooooot of places. Shall not blog the details out. LazyLazy :x

We're going to buy food for the bang tomorrow.
(with kh & mingyu)

My dad & bro are upstairs playing playstation (some soccer game).
They keep shouting " Goal! " like nobody business.
Already 41years old but so young at heart.
*shakes head*