Thursday, May 24, 2007

1st day at work

Another base glittery baby pink base with white & silver french (:
Same design on my toe nails.

Manicure & Pedicure are addictive!
& Preeeetttyy.
Professional care for my nails.
Ladies, the money spent is definitely worth it!!


School was normal.

Work was pretty fun with Joanne.
First day & I had to OT.
Time flies when working!
Poor Dear, Have to wait for me because of OT.
Sweet sweet ride home.
Next working day is SAT!
another AAWWWW!! Sat is supposed to be a dating day for all couples!!

Due to the fact that it's my first job,
Friends who cared msg me.
" How was your job? "
" Was it fun? "
" Bet you cannot even last for 3mths "
" How does it feel like to be serving people when you are used to people serving you? "

Don't bother asking me where am I working cause I don't feel like saying.
Don't come and stalk me!! :x
(unless you're my bestie or my bitch :D)
PS: I'm not working at the same place with wendy, stop guessing.

I'm drowned in my happiness.