Friday, May 18, 2007


Why why why?!
Why is every episode so touching?!
(except for the first few episode)
I teared the day before yesterday.
I teared yesterday.
I teared tomorrow.
(although I know that it is a happy ending!)
Stop acting like a crybaby!! HAHA!!

I am going crazy over this show.
PS: If you think that blogging about this show is stupid/silly.
Silly as in WU LIAO,
Please, Did I ever ask you to read my blog in the 1st place?

And, I will still continue to blog about it till the craze is over.

On 21st may, which is next Monday,
The ending will be out on MobTV.
Cant wait~~ 2 more days!!

I was craving for LJS so We had LJS as our dinner!!
And Oreo Chocolate with PEARLS.
Hur hurrrr..
What will my weight be at the end of this month?

I sense a boring weekend coming. Tomorrrrrrrow ):
I guess it will rain tonight.
Nice weather to cuddle myself in my cosy bed.
I shall sleep in slightly earlier today.

Night people!!