Monday, May 21, 2007

Happily ever after

Yesterday at 12mn, I went to download the last 2 episode of Mars VS Venus!!
lovelovelove the ending can!
(I skipped almost every part when the story is not abt WJ & Steven)
To save my time you seeeeeeee, I've got sch. :P
There is still episode 15,16,17,18 to go ~
The 4 stupid episode which will makes my blood boil.
Episode 15 was aired today, Ahh!
That 3rd party is so damn effing scheming.

At around 1.30am, I went to lie on my bed and Dear called (:
Chatted for like 1hr plusplus before turning in.

During my break, I went to weigh myself again.
Look at that face and you will noe the answer.
And and, I can't believe it, I grew taller by 1cm.
At the age of nineteen? HAHAHA.

Went to find Love after school.
Had to go and buy afew tops for my job.
3 tops (:
(which I don't really fancy)
But its okay, cause it don't really cost much.
(Because mummy paid for it. HAHA)

Wait till I get my 1st pay.
Time to give her a treat.
Because it is my F.I.R.S.T pay!
(excluding attachment)

Dinner @ KFC and Home Sweet Home (:

A friend smsed me this when we were both watching Mars Vs Venus on the television :
Why is it when guys did the wrong thing and tried to explain matters,
the girl always refused to listen?

And then this sentence appeared in the show :
Nothing is more cruel to woman than to be betrayed by her best friend and husband.

I believe everyone is like this. Not only woman.
If one is too angry, nothing can get into his/her ears/head.
Everone needs some time to cool themselves down (:

This happens to me too!
When I am angry, no matter how you explain,
Nothing goes in.