Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Huiyan!

"The Eye" was on teevee yesterday night.
As you know, I'm DAMN afraid of horror shows.
And I get startled very easily.

Sooooo, Instead of watching it in my room or the living room.
Adel and me went up to my parent's room to watch with my mum.
I didnt dare to watch so i kept my eyes close and listened to the show.
&& .....
So my dad had to sleep elsewhere.

But I woke up at nearly 3am and went back to my room.


After so long, I finally get to see all my loves!!


We celebrated Huiyan's birthday at Marina South for steamboat.
RW drove JY, Hunny and Me there.

Because We wanted to get FRESH flowers,
We had to go and buy at the last minute & it was very hectic!!
So we ended up being late for 30mins.

HuiYan > Mingyu > KhianHuat > Wendy > Kel.Goh & GF > ChengWee > RenWei > Jiayao > Dear & Me!!

A total of 11 peeps.

After eating > Bowling.
Kelv & GF lost so they had to treat the lot Icecream!!

&& Actually we took quite alot of pictures.
But not really very nice so delete delete & delete.

RW drove JY, Hunny, Me, Mingyu & Kh back :D

My steamboat craving is finally sedated.
Whats next??
Sushiiiiiiii again? :x

6 white & 6 pink.

Trying to be artistic :x

Everyone is too busy with their cooking to look at my camera :(

I look awful in this pic >:(

Love Her~~
Look at our BIG eyebags!!

N73 sucks
This is why I hate N73. Lousy front & back Camera. Poofs.

The 3 significant people in my life.

Today is just so GREAT!