Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I want this to last

I want this to last
I want this to last.

Was late for school for more than 1hour :x
I overslept!!

Kay. Something lucky/funny happened during Bio lesson.
It was damn LOL can.

School till 5pm.
VIVO with Dear after that.
(Because he gotta work on Thurs so we went there today)
Which also means, lonely public holiday :(
HAHA! Nvm, I've already asked Huiyan out.
But it is a public holiday tmr which means crowd!!
& I hate crowds. Should I go out or should I notttttttt.

Bought 1 black bottom.
Gotta buy 1 or 2 more.
HAIS~ Clothes is never enough.

Just finished watching Campus Superstar 2 preview on MobTV.
LOL!! Freaking funny.
It takes alot of courage to sing infront of sooo many people.
Sooo, I should stop laughing because I don't have the courage myself :x

A 13years old boy got into top20. Sooo young but he have got very nice vocal!!

There was 1 from JVS who didnt managed to get into top 20.
(my secondary school)
Good try & Courage. lol.
Seriously, people who went there were brave!!

Sweetdreams People.