Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lonely public holiday

Lovely mummy bought breakfast(pratas) for the family.
I ate mine at 1pm.
After 4 and a half hour, which is 5.30pm,
I felt hungry (againxzxz?!?!).

Bro went out for soccer,
Adel went dating,
Dad and Mum were out.

It is a PH today but I'm at home ALONE eating instant noodles(dinner).
How happy can my day be?

I was lazy to step out of my house because It was drizzling in the noon.
And because the fact that I have to work full shift tmr,
I really don't feel like stepping out to shop.

Thought that I could have some nice dinner.
(okay, disappointed.)
After my oh-so-delicious dinner, I went to ambulate Raven to the park.

Mummy bought a solid, cute pastel-pink wheeled chair for my desk. Loves.

Yeh, You can see that I was effing bored from this & from my previous post.


I used to think that If I had you, I would have everything I ever wanted.
But I was wrong (Because you proved me wrong).