Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Love me like this

It's Dear graduation day today!
Formal Wear!!
Smart smart looking him (:
(keep ur comments to urself if you don't think the same as me)

Judging from the pictures below,
I need to trim my fringe badly!! It is messy!!
But at the same time, I want to grow it.
I wish there is some chemical whereby you can apply it and it will grow like 5cm overnight!!

I feel guilty!!
(for skipping, skipping & skipping lessons)
HAIS! Bad habit & pure laziness.
I MUST NOT skip any lesson next week!!
(because it is the last week of revision before exams)

Tomorrow is my first day of work.

Mars VS Venus again
Episode 18 is the last episode of Sadness tomorrow!!
Yayness!! Evil people should go to hell.
Too bad I can't watch as Im working till 8.30pm,
Have to wait till midnight or the next day for Mobtv to upload it.
Nvm. Good things are worth waiting for :D
(& partially because I had alrdy watched the ending :x)

Today's episode is damn touching!
A mum's love is the greatest!!
And Men are always bewitched by Hussy!!
Just give them everything they want and they will listen to you!
Thats men! EWWW.
(Not all though but this is wad happened in the show)

Lesson till 5pm alone is already killing me; let alone my hair!!