Thursday, May 17, 2007



If a wife wants to have a child but her hubby doesn't want,
she can't go and find another guy to have a child with her as her stomach will grow bigger & bigger as the day goes by.
But if the male wants to have a child & his wife refuses,
He can go and look for another girl who is willing to bear him a child.

Why are females always at the losing end?

Why is this so true?

Why is love selfish?
If so, the world is selfish.

For example;
an eye for an eye, and the world would be blind!!

Let humans be prettily in love! Not selfishly!

Happily every after?

Or it is just the begining of another story?
Scary or Sweet story.
Time will tell.

I want to be a guy in my next life pleaseeeee (: