Sunday, May 20, 2007

Maybeline ; the happy girl

My first meal of the day was at 7pm!!
Dear bought dinner for me & Adel.

Actually my mum bought me food in the noon.
She ordered .food. without beansprouts.
But that person packed it inside.
So i threw everything away.
Yeah, tooooooo pampered & spoilt. Thats what everyone says.

My right thumb's nailart is abit ruin :(
Should have waited for it to dry before stepping out of the nail parlour.
(i was in a rush at that time)
Nvm! Next time next time.
I wanna try new design sooooonnn.

PS: I have a new desk.
Because my room is already packed with so many things already,
(bed, tv, table, wardrobe, desktop and many many more)
I've decided to put it in my 2nd living room.
My 2nd living room is like my bedroom now.
Except that it has no door.

I'm so excited!!
12mn 12mn!!
Mars VS Venus 's Ending!!
Time to laugh at the 3rd party instead of crying for WenJing.
*I'm evil*