Wednesday, May 16, 2007



I am looking for the ending song for Mars VS Venus but can't find it anywhere ):
So excited about this show.
I went to read the synopsis on 8days.
Bad people deserves bad ending !
Love the ending ~~
But for this week & next week, the show is going to be very sad ):

I have Wednesday Blues everyweek but not this wed!
Thanks to Linda who got cheated!!
K. Shall not go into details.
Cause It is rather dumb.

But the biggest credit goes to my dearest boyfriend,
Who bought me breakfast this morning.
So he cycled, bought & cycled to my place.
After eating, Slacked awhile and then I went to school for Bio lesson whereas Dear went back home.
Went to find him after school.

I was saying " I wanna subscribe to MOBTV " to Wendy, Linda & XiaoWen in the noon.
And I've just subscribed it !