Thursday, May 03, 2007

My dad is 42 this year !


Yesterday was my Dad's 42th birthday :D
Hunny bought a cake and we started the celebration at 7pm.

Laughed, Sang , Ate.
Went home to get changed for dinner.
Dinner with family and Hunny.
The dinner was superb!
(Though the chilli crabs were abit disappointing)

After dinner, my dad drove us back.
I went to the park with Hunny & Raven :D
Strolled so that our food will digest faster.

And and at 11pm,
I wanted to on my laptop.
but.. CRASHED.


I cannot stand a day without my laptop.
Or spend a day with my desktop or my dad's desktop.

So I bought my laptop to sch today.
Luckily 1 paper was cancalled so am left with 1.
After the paper, I dashed to ACER immediately.

ACER's service is uber good.
They told me they needed 2hrs to repair, but everything was settled in just 45mins.

Met up with Hunny after his driving lesson.
He cooked lunch at his place.
TEEVEE & installed all the necessary updates for my laptop.
Went to my place.
Dinner for me, Tea time for Hunny ;
Instant Chicken Porridge :x
Superrr niceee. You'll have to boil it for 30mins. Not cup or bowl instant porridge.
Yup. Im the cook. Lousy cook

Okay~ I'm Happy, Loved & Content.