Monday, May 14, 2007

My day

Lesson > Break > Lesson > Test > Bf's Place > Dinner > Superbowl

I wore specs to school !!
Very very very lazy/tired to put on my contact lens.

Went to Bf's place after school.
Did some editing for Mingyu's blog at his place.

RW picked us up from Bf's place & off we went for dinner at some restaurant.
Long waiting time with not-so-nice food.
(RW, JY, Dear & Me)

After eating, They went to Superbowl to bowl.
Packed Mcdonalds home for Adel.

I need to do some pink manicure again.
My fingers/nails look very plain without them!!
Oh no-no.
Maybe I should try white this time round.

I'm so effing tired.
I want to sleep for 15hours straight! :(