Saturday, May 05, 2007

the Sun and the Moon


After living off my parents for nearly 19 years,
I have decided to get a part time job!!

My determination usually don't last though.

I want to work!!
But I'm just plain lazy.

Lazy to work.
Lazy to look for jobs.

Ohhhhhh. I need some working experience.

Grant me some!

And today is Raven's grooming day!
That cheeky dog has very short fur now.
Hur hurrrr.
I wanna hug him tight till he can hardly breath!!
K. I sound like a psycho/sadist.

Even if the sun sets, the moon will automatically rise for me!

Into the manicure shop.........
I swear I almost wanted to strangle that trainee today.
I have very long and neat nails.
She went to file it till omgly short.
My nails were not even after she filed.
Luckily the lady boss was there.

I didn't volunteer to let her file :(