Monday, May 07, 2007

Simple girl, Simple life, Simple day

MY mininature cutie

Have you ever said something that hurt yourself?
Have you ever said something when you don't even mean it?
Have you ever regretted saying something?
Have you ever cried in silence while talking?


I slept at 5am plusplusplus in the morning.
Had to wake up at 7am and prepare for school.

Slept throughout during the first lesson only.

I have 2 extra lessons.
One on this Friday and one on the next.
Both Fridays gonna end at 5pm :(
This Friday is the 11th of the month..............

Exams exams exams :(
I wanna live in a fairytale free from stress!!

* steps into dreamland *
* snapped back to reality *

After school, Dear came over to my place.
Dinner > Teevee > Supermarket > Home

PS: I love 3 column blogs! Just like Adel's ^^
If only I bear to change my layout I would design that for myself!