Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stay home day

Am having headache since i woke up in the morning.
Guessed its because i'm really confused n puzzled.

Window shopped with Dear yesterday.

I love Soya Bean Milk with LOTSA LOTSA pearls.
biggest YUM!

Jonathan was supposed to deliver Popeyes at Changi Aiport to me yesterday around 12midnight.
I can't believe my ears.
I wanted to eat the fish and it was out of stock.
How can such things happen at a ff. restaurant?

Stayed home instead of going out today.
Lazying around.

Mcdonald's breakfast.
Egg Muffin, ilove.

Did a new blogskin for Wendy.
She told me the layout she wanted,
I designed & built it for her.
Personally love it myself (before she went to do some edits).

New song at the-bittersweetlove.

Shall change Mingyu's blogskin tonight.
Something not that pink for her :D

kkaes. Toodles for now & Update later.

PS: I'm so glad that everything is finally settled.