Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Would you be there" IS HERE!

PS : I've managed to download Would You Be There full version!!
(Not ripped from Tv)
So Mediacorp have finally decided to release that song uh?
I'm all smiley (:
Full lyrics at yesterday's post.
Went to send Jon & Yvonne straight away after downloading it as they were looking for that song too.

Again, Time flies when working!!
Full shift. 11am to 8pm with Serene.
When I work, I don't feel hungry.
First & last meal at 6pm.
I hope I will be able to lose some weight :x

I hope I won't be working next Friday because someone's bdae bang is coming up.
Exams, Work & Party?
Party at the wrong time.
2 chalet in June. Haven't decide to go, or not to go.
Because my papers are on the following week till 24thJune.
And the chalet is at early and mid June.

I saw a pink Raven in a Korean magazine today.
Even its nail is pink too.
So..... gross :x
A pink dog is ugly,
But eye-catching.

I'll throw & You'll pick ok?
Continue picking please, Thankyou.