Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You said Forever

You said forever
Love is the sound of two heartbeats so closely intwined that they are no longer two.
That is when two hearts merge as one (:

Sorry for not updating yesterday.

School ended at 2 yesterday.
Wendy & Me went to meet Cara for kbox session :D
1month since I last saw Cara.
We only sang for 3hours plusplus.

Had to meet Coffee after kbox to pass him Jasmine W.'s clothes,
Coffee saved alot of trouble for us :D
But all he have to do is just to meet her in SP.

Home Sweet Home after that.

As for today,
School > Home > Dear's place > Home
We wanted to go VIVO but felt lazy after eating dinner so we dropped the idea.
Postponed to Thursday.
Thursday is a public holiday :D:D
But I will be working on this coming Fri, Sat and Sun till 9.30pm
After walking Love to the bus stop, I went home & saw his Hp sitting on my couch.
Careless! >:(
Without informing him (cause there is no way to contact him til he reach home),
I went to wait for the next bus and sent the phone to him.
So happening uhhhh.
Rushed here and there.

After Mars VS Venus ended,
I have to show to watch anymoreeeeee.
Not even on MobTV.