Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 good days in a row

RAWRRR! Welcome to the Bean's World.
And get lost in it!

Yesterday, We were supposed to dine at Changi Airport.
But Bf needed to shop for his bro's birthday present.
So we changed venue. Shall visit the Airport next time.
I bought 2 pairs of flipflops. 1 for me and 1 for mummy (:

After that, We went to dine at Delifrance.
I don't like their pasta.
But it still taste good because its a good day!!

Woke up as early as 11am today :x
Showered and went to Bf's place.
(It's his bro birthday today)

Mummy bought lunch for me to bring it to Bf's place and eat.
I was at his place for the WHOLE day.
His Mummy invited me to stay for dinner.
And the 2 lovable nephews of Bf came over during evening.
Small kids are cute!! Especially age ranging from 6mths to 3years!
(Excluding FATFAT kids)

Dinner & Cake cutting session.

Bf and me will be cooking lunch tgt tmr.
Sweet sweet love~ (:
Another good day.

Good food = Pounds & Pounds of fats

My Lose Weight Plan

1 last thing before I end my entry.
People who speaks or type and ends with
"wor" , "neh" , "lah" , "leh" , "lor"
are super disgusting can!

Especially WOR and NEH.
Please, What or who are you acting?
Cute? Jap? or maybe "sweet"?
HAHA! Don't gimme goosebumps.
(If you use it towards ur love(onlyLOVE) its common, But i don't & never use it)
But to friends?!

LAH LEH LOR its Singlish.
Everyone is using it in Sg.
Me too. Sometimes I can't help but use it myself OCCASIONALLY.
(Only when I am pissed with something/someone)
But I still find it irritating when someone uses it on me :/