Friday, June 29, 2007

Advance celebration for Girlfriend

/edited post

Advance birthday celebration for MingYu whose birthday falls on 9th of July.
(so omg can! We planned it sooo advanced because the rest of her days are booked!)

(A white chocolate cake!! lovelove(But I was too full to eat it))

Mingyu, The shy girl on cam!

We met at 7pm.
Had fish & co for dinner.
I love their Fish & Chips :D
(And Botak Jones's)

Walk around.
Had to delay time because Mr Peh & Mr Wong will be coming at 9pm with her cake.
(The surprise I planned for her :D)
When we walked out of the shop, I saw MrPeh & MrWong buying cake.
OMG! So I had to pull Mingyu away to other shop.
PHEW~ She almost saw them 2 times.

Settled down at MC cafe for our Double Chocolate & Mange smoothie.
Asked MingYu to accompany me to the toilet while HY wait for them at our table.

When we got back from the toilet,
and "TA DA" surprise~~

PS : Adel got herself a new DS LITE(White colour)! I'm jealous!!
But I don't play game :x