Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Formatted my laptop to keep it brand new.
(Just to console myself)
To think that I spend over $3000+ for this dumb thing.
I want the best for myself so I bought this laptop.
(Expensive things doesn't last too)

I want to get a Vaio.
But I can imagine my dad's expression & naggings.
DAD : You've got yourself a good laptop already.
$3000 plus ok. Buy another 1 for what?
And your laptop just reach 1 year old only... blahhhhhbla blah..

I understand.
It is too much for me to buy a new laptop each year.
(Money should not be spend this way)
Skip this year.
Maybe next year? :P
Anyway It is already halfway through 2007.
2008 will come soon.

Got my eyebrowns shaped & trim.
Neat job :D

You know its not good for me to work.
When I work, I gotta step out of my house.
When I reach shopping areas, I tend to spend.
So like I got myself 1 set of bra and 2 sets of panties.
(The bra I bought is lacy!!)
And that bra shop is soooo stylish.
All the panties & bras are designed by them.
Good things comes with good price of cause.
Doubt cheap things can be as nice as theirs.

As the sayings goes, 一分钱一分货.
(Which is very true)

Shopping day with boyfriend tmr.
Last rest day.

It is raining.
I should jump into my cosy bed and cuddle under my blanket.
Goodnight people!