Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Drop it like its HOT

Your request is done!

Everything is very much in place.
But I am not feeling the way I should.
Nothing's wrong with me. Really.
I guess I am just changing.

Listen, hear the wind blow.
Listen to the birds chip.

Observe me.
My heart is aching.
I am feeling the way I shouldn’t be.
My feelings are not right.

I’m still alive, with no vital signs.
Cruel reality, they say.
So true.

Wanted to buy the new Music Player model today.
Sadly, Creative just released their new MP and it went out of stock so fast!!

Little girl bought her MP.
Though it is an old model but dirt cheap can!!
Sales are good. HAAA~

I have to work tmr.
Which is such a sad thing.
But I love my job (:
I am looking forward to Saturday.

It is so hard, to put on a happy face.
I'm struggling hard to.