Sunday, June 24, 2007

Family day + Boyfriend

Family day today!!
(without Adel as she is working)
Went out to shop :D
My favourite thing to do is with my family is SHOPPING.
(Because I don't have to pay a single cent. HAHA!)

But I bought a little too much today.


1 black clutch(bag)
1 black belt
1 white belt
1 denim 3/4 pants
1 white 3/4 pants
1 White shorts
1 pair of black heels


I regretted not buying any tops/skirts!
And I know people like coffee & HuiYan will go.....
"bags & belts again?! You just bought them yesterday (as stated in ur post)"

Mummy paid for them you seeeeee.
(Although all the $ are from Dad)
And that is why mummy is afraid of shopping wiv me and Adel.
Luckily Adel did not go with us today.
I cant imagine the amount of $ we will spend.
Everything will be doubled.
Because the family already spent ALOT without her.
She must have regretted working today. lol.

Bro bought nothing except food.
Mummy bought herself some clothes & heels.
Dad got himself a _________ (:

Dad saw a new series of Car. (AGAIN?!)
He wants to sell his current car & buy that.
(Already booked 1 of the car, waiting for approval from i-dunno-what)
He changes his car every 3-4years & I hate it.
(Because I rather he give the money to me & I'll be rich!!)
He said he love that car in white but is afraid of scratches.
I know that I wont be able to talk him out of buying that car,
so I am trying hard to talk him into buying the car in white!!
(So that few years down the road, he might give me that car and buy a new 1 for himself)
(Opps! He should get me a new car and drive that himself. HAAA!)

When I reached home, I went to shower my rascal.
Poor Raven, He hasn't been to a beach since March 2007.
Gotta bring him there 1 day.
(To play with other dogs)

Since I've got all the things I wanna buy already,
I'm saving my coming pay for ______(s) & some tops.
And save 1/2 of my pay to my CANNOT-TOUCH bank account.
(If i save all in my ATM card which I bring out everyday,
I'm afraid that all the money will be gone within afew days)

I'm going to get my Debit card(master card) tmr :D
(If only my dad is willing to apply a credit card for me. FAT HOPE! :x)

Bf came over.
Watched Initial D at my place.
And back home.

I love family day!! :D
Family day + Boyfriend is love!