Saturday, June 30, 2007

First pay day CUM Shopping spree

Woooo. Pay was here so I had to spend!!

Woke up as early as 11am,
Showered & met Bf for Brunch.
Headed to his house to play with Max :D

Till 5pm, we bus-ed to town!
Because I received my first pay, So I gave Bf a treat(dinner).
After eating....... SHOPPING TIME!!

Bought Bf a pair of pants.
Got myself 2 tops at FEP :D

A pair of shoe from Everlast caught my attention.
I have decided to get it tmr.

Bf and me bought Mingyu another birthday present.
(Because the presents they bought yesterday were too simple,
though the meaning behind them are very sweeeet :))
Personally I love the present very much. Haha.

So we bus-ed back to meet Mr Peh & Mingyu.
Passed her her present.
& she love it okay! Haha.

Seriously, I spent alot today.
omg omg.
Pay day rocks but spreeing sucks.
Because I got my pay, doubt mummy will pay for them (unless Iam out wiv her),
So it is out of my own pocket (including that pair of Everlast shoe tmr).


I love today.
I love Mingyu