Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Let the good times ROLL~
(Lets enjoy the remaining days happily)

Lesson was supposed to start at 2.30pm but I gotta leave house at 11am.
I had to accompany my little girlfriend otherwise she will be alone.

We walked ard shopping centres before going back to school for lesson.
Bought myself some Nails product. Pretty pretty :D:D
But I don't know how to do/use it. LOL.

Got myself a pretty butterfly accessory.
(I think it is very prettttttty and useful)

Received a call from HuiXing she received $30 from NUH.
I went to check my account and mine is 30bucks too.
HAHAHA! Where is the rest of the pay? Omg. 30bucks.
What can I do with it?
A meal and its gone.

So I called the Human Resource and asked.
The kind lady told me that the rest of the pay will be xfered to us in July.
Seems like July is a good month after all.
I see money rollin' in :D
Work & that-oh-so-very-late attachment pay.