Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy little girl

Lunch with Bf at Botak Jones.
After that, accompanied him to the clinic.

Doc : Why did you come all the way to this clinic?
Doc : It is like so far from ur place.
BF : Huh. Cus we're somewhere ard here. Other clinic are quite crowded.
Doc : Haha. All the way from Pasir Ris to here?
BF & Me : Huh?!

*wrong address but same name & IC*

How can they get such things wrong.

Went ard to search for Bf's new specs.
Bus-ed to Clementi, bus-ed to Jurong again and cabbed to B.batok.
Finally! Found his ideal pair of specs at B.batok.

Mrt-ed back to the nearest mrt station near Bf's place..
Strolled to Bf's place instead of taking the bus.
20mins walk ^^
(We were trying to act romantic. HAHA!)

Basically its a tour around Singapore day. :D

Work tmr again.
I am waiting for the end of this mth!! My first pay!!
Am desperate for it :x
(Mainly because I don't spend other people's money (including Bf, excluding parents))
(That's my principle of life)
So I wan my pay quick!
There are so many things I wanna get without spending my savings but my earnings! :D

Happy happy little girl today :D