Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hello and Goodbye


2 papers today.
I screwed the second paper. How great (:

Total : 3 papers down.

I am waiting for all my papers to be down!
But I can relax a tiny winy teeny little bit after tmr's paper.
Because Thurs paper doesn't require us to study, and the next 2 papers are on the next Monday.

Home sweet home straight after school.
Went online.
Someone added me in msn telling me that her friend xxxxxxx, claimed to be my cousin.
For christ sake, Why would anyone wants to do this?

Met up with coffee to revise for my paper tmr.
(just for 2hrs)
Didnt managed to get anything in my head.

Dear came over and ate mummy's cooking.
Hurr. Presentable and sweet ok!

I love tmr!
I love lil shorty!
I love tengie!
I love birdnest!
I love Meiji's products! (YUMMMM)

Most importantly,
I love yQ.w :D