Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I love brackets & center and so do you

Time flies, Known this friend for almost 7years.
(Since sec 1 k! & I know this friend of mine will read this)
He told me that he is going NS soon.
Still remembering the days when we IRC-ed, Neopets-ed, and his darkest moment (He got toyed by a girl! HAHA!).
(All these were during Sec sch days. The very immature us.)
I miss those days.
We were so close. Even till today.
Although no meetups but we still chat abt everything.
I'm losing a friend..... to NS.

Everyone is growing.
Immature to mature.
Study to work.

Okok, cut that emo.

First task of the day was to shop for groceries.

I thought that we were only cooking for 2.
But its 4!! Including Bf's mum and elder sister.

We spent 1hour in the kitchen.

The overall result is satisfying.
(Well, at least to me. HEHE)
Love the egg dish :D

Slacked at Bf's place.
Munched on titbits,
(I told you I am gaining weight!!)
Crapped, fooled around while waiting for the time to pass.
EWWW. So no life eh?

It's because we were waiting for evening to arrive.
Dinner at my place.
Mummy is learning how to cook :D

Today's entry is so boring.

Goodnight Y'all!