Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love quality time with Boyfriend

Quality time spent with boyfriend today.
Reach his place at 12noon.
Waited for his mum to come back before we go out for lunch.
Had PizzaHut for lunch wiv Bf n his mum.

Mrt-ed to Cityhall.
Shopped from citylink > Marina Square > Raffles City.
Finally bought boyfriend's cap from Animal @ raffles city.
(We were like saying it since April & finally got it today
(because we couldn't find one to our liking till today))

Adel came home with bras & panties.
From the same designer shop.
I took away 1 of her panty and its MINE now :D
Anyway, Mummy paid for them so I think she wouldn't mind.
Guess buying undergarments is our current addiction.
(Although we only wear it for ourselves to see,
but we just love to shop for them!!)
Actually not only undergarments.
Basically, we cannot resist cute temptations (:

My laptop was empty yesterday.
But today, It is filled with songs.
Though its only about 20 songs, because they are my favourite, so its enough.
All Eng except for 1 chinese.
空秋千 by Rynn?
(I am not sure of the singer)
This song is niceeee!
Highly recommended by me :x
Aint sure if it is an/a old/new song.