Saturday, June 09, 2007

Martell Bang

Happy 20th Birthday, Kelvin GCH!

Party at Cuppage plaza's party world.
Before going there, Bf and me went to Cine for pastamania.
Saw Vonne there :D:D

They opened 4 bottles of martell and booked 1 big room which is enuff to accommodate 30 people.
The room itself cost $450.
Bet the whole cost of the bang cost about $1000 (including the tips).
(My guess)

So many people got drunk.

I went home straight after that.
Reach home afew minutes before 12mn.

Was too tired to even go online, let alone updating my blog.

I regretted alot for being _________ yesterday.

Pardon for the small eyes, pale & almost-emotionless look.
I was sick and Bf was down with bad flu.

Familiar? We took something like this at my grad day too :D

Work and then home today (:
Sweetest Bf fetched me home even though he was sick.