Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Music & Life

2nd day of school.
Woooo. Took back 3 papers.
And I am uber shocked by 1 of the result.
Nevertheless, I'm still satisfied with the other 2 (:
More results tmr.
Dear lord please bless me!


My life is rather random nowadays.
Because Its idling after school.
Music, Bf & family = life
Yesterday YZ helped me download afew songs.
(Which made my day today)

But I am not so crazy over People than music now.
During secondary school days,
I used to be a fanatic SHE fan.
Selina and Hebe were my favourite.
Crazy over them like mad.
But guess I'm growing to be more mature now compared to last time,
I feel it is childish to be chasing idols. lol.
(I feel even stupider for going to their "Qian Chang Hui" twice. LOL (2003 & 2004))
After looking at Zhong Guo Hua's mtv on Youtube, I think......................

After school, Bf and me went to town.
Bugis > Cine for lunch > Back to his house.
His mummy cooked Sambal Stingray for me to bring home for my family :D
Adel's favourite!!