Monday, June 11, 2007

Our special day

When I looked upon the stars,
I knew our love would last forever,
Through all the pain and the tears,
I belive this love will be better.
When I gazed up to the sky,
I sang proudly and danced,
For I belive our joy can be eternal,
And each day it shall be enhanced.
When the moon shed its gentle light,
While gazing at the silver elemental,
I knew then it couldn't compare at all,
To the pearls you gave me, so sentimental.

My day was spoilt by some jackass, "Fat Pig Oil"
(FatPigOil is a name given to him judging from his size)
I don't care if he saw this or what.
Somehow I wished that he will chance upon my blog and read this,
or some kind soul would tell him this.
I don't care how close you are with my friend,
Still, You're just a piece of shit in my eyes.

I hate to see people close to me being taken advantage of.
That bloody jackass wanted a job, so my kind friend helped him search.
Particulars submitted long time ago.
And they were supposed to start work today.
My friend received a call from that ASS that he don't wanna work anymore yesterday's night.
So last minute right?!
He was told to find a replacement,
But that ASS could not find and still insisted that he doesn't want to work anymore.
So, my friend didn't get to work too.

So much for being kind.
And that is what he got in the end.

People, Don't be such a weakling!!

If some ass like that "FAT PIG OIL" does this to me,
I'll make sure I screw the hell out of him.
And I'll tell him straight in his face that I will slap his face umpteen times to vent my anger.
I would love to spit vulgarities at his face too.
(I don't scold vulgars k! Don't be mistaken! I'm forced by circumstances)

I'm not being some bitch or what.
I just feel that kind people should not be treated this way.
And people should not take another for granted!

To hell they go please.

I don't think that I am too much by saying all these.
I feel better after typing all these out.
I would feel even better If I can type his name out!
(Maybe I should. *wink*)

Being kind hearted is a good thing.
But you have to see if that person is worth it or not.
From what I can see, That FAT PIG OIL is definitely not worth it.

Although, my mood is greatly affected by this matter,
It is still a good day today (:
Because Bf and me are going somewhere to dine out for dinner (: