Friday, June 22, 2007

Should I or Should I not?

Morning people!

I saw a pretty Pink with black lace spag top yesterday.
Should I get it or should I not.

I have to stop spreeing.
There are too many tops which me and Adel have even yet to wear them.
(Because we regret buying them as the design doesn't suit us)
Yeah, Spend spend spend & then regret.
That's what girls are clever at.
(Or maybe DUMB)

I think I should not buy it.
(No, I think I should)

Spend now & Pay is on its way.
Think I'll get it (:
(Or maybe not)

Told ya I can't work!
I'll spend even more!

Dumb weather.
Too humid for me to take.
I need a doctor B-A-D-L-Y.