Monday, June 18, 2007

sick girl here



Finally, The long awaited OFF day.
But all the sick virus ruined my day!!

But this little girl here is strong.
She will be in pink health in no time.

Wrong word to use.
Listen to the song and u will noe she is no little girl.

Busy busy week ahead!!
Work, work & work.
Endless of working with only 2 days off.
This coming Sat is my last working day of the month,
after that, I can sit back & wait for payday!!
*smiles a plenty*

Cooked my own porridge for dinner.

A female friend of mine is going NS as Combat Medic.
I salute her for her bravey, for not being afraid of the tough training & stuffs.
For a female to be enlisted into NS is way too cooool.
(I don't have the courage for the tough training)
Being a Combat Medic aint easy.
You have to climb moutains, and even camp in the wildness too.

Raven is cuteeeeeee.
I love to play & cuddle with him.
I hope period ends tmr. HAHA!
(which is totally impossible)
I am going to shape & trim my eyebrowns tmr.