Monday, June 04, 2007

Start of exam week.

Exam period is always so stress.
Took off from work for 3 days.
Gotta study & study.
You know I don't even have the time to online.
Nowadays, I only come online at night for an hour or two.

Everything went smoothly yesterday.
Pancake with ham and chesse as breakfast from Bf, iloveiloveilove.

Work was fun!
Didnt saw anything gross in the bus. HAHA!
Sweet ride home with Bf.

Was almost late for my paper!
My paper starts at 9 but I ended up reaching at 8.59pm
I gotta kick this bad habit.
Stop being late for school!

Home after school.
Met up with Bf for lunch with Adel & JH.
Wanted to eat Botak Jones but it was close.

Bf went home to change and cycled to my place.
Alright. Back to mugging :D

Awaiting for Wednesday.
A shopping day with my little girl, the little shorty. HEHE!

I'm a happy girl.
I'm loved (: