Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sweetest Boyfriend

OK! So I bought that Pink spag top today.
Loveeeeeeeeeee it!

Saw Rozz (the DJ who hosted in Girls Out Loud with XiaXue).
I remembered bumping into her too with MingYu at Raffles City.
(Months ago)

That day when Bf and me were out,
(Went to Raffles City & etcetc)
I lost my favourite pack of NailArt stickons.
So this sweet guy came to fetch me and...

*took out a packet of SIMILIAR stickons from his pocket*
BF : I found your nailart stickons.
ME : *Looks & smiles* It's not mine. Mine is not this design.
ME : *thinking :: He must have bought it trying to bluff me that he found it*
BF : *smiles*

Seeeee. Toldya he's sweet (:
I'm going to suffer from diabetes soon.

I bought a belt.
And boyfriend bought me a white handbag (:
He walked pass some shops (when he was on his way to fetch me),
Knowing that I want to buy a bag,
He brought me there after work to get mine.
(Because he said they suits me)

Vomited twice before sleeping yesterday.
But was feeling fine when I woke up this morning.
Bf wanted to bring me to the clinic this morning but luckily, I was fine already.
So I was spared from all the medicines!!

I am crazy over songs.
(Because there are so many new nice songs out there right now!)

School is starting this Monday (: