Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tmr is the 11th


to my last paper tmr.
to the start of my holidays.
to the 11th of the June tmr!

But after the holidays, It will be a very stressful period for me.

So meanwhile, I should just stop thinking of everything and enjoy my holidays :D
I should be jubilant!
(I mean after tmr when the clock strikes 3!)

I have been eating alot recently because of the stress.
Exams are fattening!
Study, eat, study, eat.

big big HAIS!

No doubt, they are my nails for the past 2 weeks.
1 week 1 design (:

And this week are....
Classic Pedicure - Shimmering Pink.
Express Manicure - MmMmMmmmmm. Will load the picture when I feel like it :D

The weather is very humid lately (for me).
Luckily I am not one who will put on heavy make up.
If not by now, my face will be filled with pimples.

I'm not saying people who put on heavy make ups have alot of pimples.
It depends on her complexion.
Some people look really preeeetty with thick make ups.
But I still disapprove of thick make ups because I prefer natural.

Yeh, Naturally untidy for me. LOL.
I feel like a boy. Haha.

But still, even though I dont put heavy make ups,
I have 1 pimple on my forehead currently :(
I have thick skin and that explains my pimple!! HAHA!
I hate really thick skin people, they are disgusting.
Yeh I hate myself too.

I'm a happy girl.
Tomorrow will be a good day, definitely (: