Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tongue in the bus

Today when I was going to work,
In the bus, a FAT couple sat infront of me.
They look like they are in their mid twenties.
(I know I shouldn't be commenting on their size)
But you know what?
The bus was more than 3/4 full.
And they were laughing and talking LOUDLY.
Pleaseeeeeeeee. I can even hear them with my music on.

Worst still, they were kissing & bitting each other's ears, playing with their tongues, hugging here & touching there.
I thought adults should be more sensible.

Remember, the bus is not empty, it is almost full.
Kay, hugging is a common.
But what about the rest?
Not just 1 pair of eyes were looking at them.
It is more than 10 can?!

If the bus is empty, who cares about what they are doing.
Butttt............ oh shut.
1 word.

Work was horrible.
So busy that I could hardly breathe.